Like his model Robin Hood
Through the woods goes Ravenwood

Although his sword is sheathed still
He is prepared to fight and kill

A brave, true heart, pounds in his chest
To protect the weak, he will do his best

For Justice, Peter will make a stand
No braver knight did ever roam the land

Fearless he will do his battling
For the Virtues and the King!

Rule by the hand of evil Malagar
Is the land Confedera

Barren its plains, bleak its features
Inhabited by undead creatures

Vampires have their teeth well groomed
Whoever meets them is truly doomed

Where corruption rules and evil thrives
All good men fear for their lives

Yet none can say which is feared more
The Sovereign Malagar or his laggy Tower

Her ears pricked up, her senses keen
Like a wolf, she prowls, unseen

Loyal to Lloth, the spider Queen
Is the Drow, Tamarra Tin

Her poisoned kryss hanging by her side
She is a Master in stealth and hide

If you happen by her layer
You had better start a prayer

Just think of it, your life is fleet
You will see your head drop before your feet

A whiff of orange blossom in her hair
She strides through Trinsic with such flair!

Her smile inviting, even if she's quiet
Every man's imagination will run riot

In her arms a begger will feel like a king
For profit she will do almost anything

But every suitor is sadly mistaken
Eboshi's heart is already taken

She will give her love to none
Except to Dark, the lucky one

Whenever you are ill; should you be in pain
One elf will make you feel right as rain

No matter if you feel alone or sickly
The passionate girl will come to you quickly

Every wound, whether grave or slight
She will heal while radiating a soft green light

Sparkling emeralds braided through her hair
Give beautiful Ilija her power and flair

And yet, I think, with hair of such kind
The right shampoo must be hard to find

alle Gedichte mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Tarragon Slayer